October 2014


Sixteen years ago, the Foundation started as an operating foundation with the intention of profoundly changing educational outcomes for poor and minority children by providing consulting services designed to improve the way public education systems operated. Although we continue to hear about positive student and educator outcomes from the field as a result of our work, perhaps our greatest gift is the large alumni group of grantees and employees who continue working as high performance leaders in public education system reform across the country.

Now, for a number of personal and professional reasons, we’re reorganizing ourselves into a grantmaking foundation. We will also evolve and grow our grantmaking priorities. Much of our work will continue to focus on improving life options for poor kids recognizing, however, that they and their families face multiple challenges in education, health and economic security to name but a few. Our goal is to build a broad base of highly effective non-profit organizations that focus on these children and their families.

We are just beginning a strategic planning process that will include the above as well as an important area of end of life issues and options.

We plan on actively spending down the Foundation’s substantial assets during the next ten years. To lead this ambitious effort and to do it wisely, we are pleased to share that we have hired Sterling Speirn (The Stupski Foundation announces Sterling Speirn as its new President) as our new president to lead our next era in grantmaking. We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have found such a uniquely talented leader to steer a small, but powerful, staff based in San Francisco, California and to work in deep collaboration with our Board of Directors and myself.

Sterling brings with him a lifetime of commitments to innovative philanthropy and advocacy for children living in poverty. His career spans leadership roles at every level of philanthropy with the Peninsula Community Foundation, to most recently, eight years serving as the President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation—one of America’s largest private philanthropies with assets of $7.5 billion.

Because of our deep engagement in the strategic planning process, we are unable to accept applications or inquiries regarding funding. We will post updated information as soon as we are fully operational and ready to make financial awards.

We look forward to connecting with many of you in the future and are excited about supporting a variety of organizations that are doing important and powerful work.

All my best,

Joyce Stupski