Turning our food renaissance into a revolution on hunger.

Photo: San Francisco Marin Food Bank, a Stupski Foundation investee

One in eight Americans, or 42 million people, are hungry in the U.S. today - including nearly 13 million children and more than five million seniors. Today’s youth can not only be hungry but at the same time expect to live less healthy and possibly even shorter lives than their parents due to the epidemic of childhood obesity and poor nutrition during the critical early years of their lives.

We are looking for opportunities to develop community driven solutions that will foster innovations to end hunger and improve the access to quality food for those in need. How can privately funded programs work in concert to maximize and leverage the benefits of publicly funded programs?  Where will the next unexpected, breakthrough ideas take hold to address some of the glaring gaps in our food safety nets?  Could food truck entrepreneurs bring new delivery options to hungry out-of-school children throughout the summer?  Will innovations in farm-to-food-bank programs help hungry families enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables?  As the rise of food related chronic diseases has brought new emphasis to the importance of the healthy eating/active living movement, we’re ready to help write the last chapter in the history of the fight to end hunger.