Our Process

Over the next two years we will develop robust strategies by learning from hypotheses-testing in each of our program areas. Our primary goal from this learning period is to construct an overall limited-life strategy for the Stupski Foundation to execute in 2019. 

While in this learning period, we seek thought partners pushing the boundaries in our issue areas. We are interested in learning about their greatest challenges and how they are learning to address them.

Once we have completed this learning process and have clearly defined our program area strategies, we will invest in scaleable and sustainable interventions with evidence based ideas in achieving big dreams–and in that choice we commit to providing substantial, flexible, long-term funding. We intend to work in close collaboration with a defined cohort of partner-grantees that are primarily serving our communities of need in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii. In addition to providing catalytic and transformative funding resources, our staff will serve as coaches and consultants on business model development, partnership negotiations, financial matters, and other capacity building issues as they emerge for each of our partnerships.  As a result of this partnership, our grantees will be empowered to tackle the issues we seek to address together.

We recognize that there are many excellent organizations. We do not accept unsolicited proposals or requests for funding. Foundation staff and directors will contact those organizations whose work they seek to support.