May 2014

An Update from Joyce Stupski:

The Stupski Foundation which had primarily focused on public education leadership development and systemic change was a 15 year old operating foundation with many talented, intelligent employees serving as partners and consultants in over thirty public school districts around the country. However, due to life circumstances, the founders determined it necessary to close their operating foundation in 2012.

The Foundation is currently in the process of restructuring with the goal of becoming a thoughtful and powerful grant making organization that will help support a number of exciting social causes. Although the Foundation remains committed to improving the lives of poor children, it will not be supporting K-12 education reform efforts. The board of directors and founder are beginning to outline areas of interest knowing that they may change or evolve as we begin in earnest. At this point, the Foundation remains in the early stages of development with the goal of being fully operational in 2015.

We will continue to follow—with great interest—the innovative, collaborative and inspiring work being done each day in the nonprofit, philanthropic and public sectors, but the Foundation will not be seeking proposals at this time and will not review them should they be received.

We look forward to connecting with many of you in the future and are excited about supporting organizations that are doing powerful work to improve the lives of others.


Joyce Stupski