Our vision is to create a reality where the lives of the underserved and under-resourced in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaiʻi are significantly improved through addressing the issues of hunger, life options for low-income youth and end of life care. 

Since 1998, we have been passionate about improving the lives of those in need, especially low-income youth.

Larry and Joyce Stupski started the Foundation over two decades ago with a staff of consultants in more than 30 urban school districts around the country to support bold thinking in K-12 education reform. They worked tirelessly with superintendents, state policymakers, nonprofits, and education administrators throughout the system to improve leadership capabilities and drive substantial systematic changes that would ultimately transform students’ lives. One of their greatest gifts to the field is the large alumni group of grantees and employees who continue working as high performance leaders in public education system reform across the country. 

While we celebrated successes over the past few decades, the Stupski Foundation recently redefined our mission and determined how best to have significant impact as a philanthropic organization. The resulting strategy repositions the Foundation as a grantmaking organization intent on spending down at least $300 million of the Foundation’s assets over the next ten years. We believe that operating as a limited-life foundation will be a tremendous opportunity to commit to longer-term, more flexible, and more holistic investments with a select cohort of grantee-partners.

Inspired by our collective vision, the Stupski Foundation will continue its dedication to improving the lives of people in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaiʻi by significantly addressing the following issues: ending hunger; dramatically improving the life outcomes of low-income youth; and fundamentally transforming end of life care. We will also provide support to our local communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaiʻi for organizations that fall outside of our three funding areas. We know that vibrant civic organizations are critical to the success of every member of our community.

We provide more than funding.

We choose grantee-partner organizations with demonstrated success in achieving big dreams–and in that choice we commit to providing substantial, flexible funding. Alongside our grantee-partners, we share a commitment to achieving outsized and lasting change.

Our staff bring expertise in organizational effectiveness, business acumen, as well as strategic development and analysis from a wide spectrum of co-funding models. We are actively collaborating with other funders and practitioners in relevant fields, and as a convener we are seeking to build networks of like-minded colleagues to learn from one another and amplify our shared impact.

These values drive our approach to funding and the partnerships we develop:



We support innovation and solution-driven experimentation. The experience and expertise of a diverse set of fields is key to finding new and better ways of understanding issues, designing and delivering service, and disrupting complex systems.



We are in it for the long haul, but with a 10-year spend down timeline. We are steadfast in our commitment to our partners and will support them as they adapt to a changing landscape to become genuinely self sustaining and high performing leaders.



We want to go beyond “what is” now, and are willing to take risks to achieve big dreams. We are passionately committed to success, but expect to learn from mistakes and ultimately succeed.


We believe in accountability for us, our partners, and to the people whose lives we seek to improve. Once we establish shared goals, realistic metrics and clear milestones, we will support ongoing monitoring and adaptation.



We are respectful and empathetic to our partners and grantees. We strive to understand and provide care as a partner to other groups. We are constantly seeking out new perspectives and solutions. 

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